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5 Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Taarini NB | 26 February 2015
Fashion Blogger

Choosing to make the world a more fashionable place as their Good Samaritan deed of the day, a revolution has been brewing in the fashion blogging world. Proving that there’s more to fashion than fancy couture, here are five of them who will revolutionize your Instagram feed as you know it:

Aayushi Bangur
Instagram: @styledrive
Followers: 21.1k



Why You Need To Follow Her: Oft titled Super Blogger of the Week with a figure better suited to models on the catwalk, Aayushi Bangur is anything but your average Economics graduate. From the latest fashion trends making waves in the market to supercool DIY hacks, her blog (StylDrv) has got the best of all worlds. With a special fondness for the boho chic look, Aayushi prides herself on her alternative perception of the multi-hued world of fashion. And after 24 hours of following her (Virtually of course!), you will too.



Gia Kashyap
Instagram: @giasaysthat
Followers: 9520



Why You Need To Follow Her: As one of the most vouched for voices in the world of fashion blogging, when ‘GiaSaysThat,’ you’re going to want to sit up and listen. Starting with DIY videos on Youtube, Gia has spent the past four years blogging to her heart’s content on the singular passion of her life and has never looked back. As one of the reigning fashionistas of the virtual world, Gia has busted the myth that expensive couture is the only way to go and instead prefers to concentrate her energies on bringing the affordable fashion options that India possesses to the limelight.



Rhea Gupte
Instagram: @thegirlfromfuss
Followers: 7490



Why You Need To Follow Her: Creative director, model and fashion blogger extraordinaire, follow ‘@thegirlfromFUSS’ primarily to find out what the fuss is all about. In her own words, her personal style is a unique marriage of edgy & elegant. With an eye for vintage wear, her style runs towards white & black with an occasional pop of colour complementing the duo.



Akanksha Redhu
Instagram: @akanksharedhu
Followers: 6945



Why You Need To Follow Her: Fashion blogger by day and designer by night, Akanksha is one of those few voices in the virtual fashion world who will actually ask you to put comfort before style. Big on accessories, Akanksha describes her own style as effortless chic. Her words of wisdom? “If you spend too much time thinking about what you want to wear, you are probably not being true to your innate sensibilities.” And well, we couldn’t agree more!



Pallavi Ruhail
Instagram: @pallaviruhail
Followers: 10k



Why You Need To Follow Her: An epidemiologist by occupation, her love affair with fashion started on an official note when she decided to join the blogging community and the rest, as they say, is history. Over ten thousand followers later, Pallavi Ruhail is today counted among the success stories on the fashion blogging scene and even doubles up as a fashion writer for Be Beautiful in her spare time. A big fan of 80s and 90s fashion, Pallavi believes that retro is here to stay. Her Instagram profile is a study in pop colours and she has even found a way to bring spectacles back in vogue, so more power to her!



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