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You Know Your Best Friend Is Your Soul Sister When…

Taarini NB | 26 February 2015

It’s the best feeling in the world when you share a love, a connect so strong, with your best friend like you would with your very own sister. Not everyone has the privilege to feel that way but here are 6 prominent signs to prove your best friend is indeed your soul sister…

You Can Trust Her Opinion About Anything And Everything

Confiding in her is easy but being able to trust her opinion blindly about anything and everything makes you realize how blessed you are to have her be a part of your life. She looks out for you in all aspects – from the clothes you pick to the relationships you seek.


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You’ve Unconsciously Adopted Some Of Her Mannerisms

Being around each other so often and spending a lot of time together can bring out the similarity in the lingo shared, certain moments you both feel simultaneously and gestures that continue to linger. It’s unconsciously sweet yet funny when both realize it.


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Almost Everything In Life Is Connected To A Private Joke You Both Share

That awkward moment when it’s just you two who get the “inside joke” and cannot stop laughing hysterically in a room full of people. It’s quite a funny situation when you can’t explain the reason behind it all but share a connection that no one else understands.


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You Don’t Need To Ask Her If She Wants To See A Certain Movie With You

Planning to catch a movie with your bestie? It’s not like you need to ask her which one, cuz knowing the bond you’ll share, she will be equally keen on the movie you’ve been dying to watch! Call it cine-pathy, but she just knows and that just makes it so much cooler!


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Sometimes You Both Message One Other At The Very Same Time

Few telepathic connections are something else when you and your bestie end up texting one another simultaneously at the same time. It could be about two different things but the moment was one. Such a feel good feeling, right?


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You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Have Fun

The location or agenda never really mattered as long as you’ll were meeting. Whether it’s the nearby coffee shop or just sitting by the promenade; even if you have no specific plan in mind, something fun is bound to take place when the two of you get together.


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