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5 Signs To Prove You Are A Daddy’s Girl

Taarini NB | 26 February 2015
Daddys Girl

Growing up with a doting father is something every girl can relate with. From the connect you made as a toddler to the bond you share as an adult, you know what we’re talking about, right? But what really makes you the absolute daddy’s girl? We’ve done our bit of research and have come to a 5 signs’ conclusion.


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1. He Is Your Perfect Man

From lifestyle choices to mannerisms, you compare every guy you meet to your daddy dearest, no matter how amazing they may be. It may seem rather unfair, but hey, that’s just how great your dad is and will always be!


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2. He Is Your Greatest Adviser

He always has the right sort of advice to share when things seem like they’re falling apart in your life. In the end, he knows how to make you feel better about yourself after all, you’re his special girl!


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3. He Is Your Best Friend & Confidante

Whether you have some fantastic news to share or have had the worst possible day, he’s the first to receive your call. It’s important for you to be able to communicate with him regularly and on a close note.


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4. He Is Your First Love

Married, engaged or in a relationship, your father will always be your first love and celebrating Valentine’s Day with him would seem like the most natural thing to do. He means the world to you and both of you know it.


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5. He Is Your Foodie Soulmate

You both invariably love the same kind of food and often crave for the same thing at the same time. That’s a bond not everyone shares. It’s a foodie telepathic connection only you two understand and enjoy together!


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