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How To Correctly Use A Loofah

Taarini NB | 31 August 2015

Wet The Loofah

Just like a rolling stone gathers no moss, a dry loofah never lathers. Wetting it with some warm water (a quick rinse is a good idea) will not only soften it but also make it gentler on your skin and will lather better.

Pour Some Body Wash On It

A body wash easily seeps in, so pour just a little LUX on the damp loofah. Be sure to not use more than coin-size quantity. It will go a long way to work up a luscious lather that’s bound to make your bathing experience fun and indulgent.

Scrub The Loofah All Over Your Body

Exfoliating all the dead skin cells is one of the reasons why we bathe daily. A loofah provides all the exfoliation you need. All you have to do is firmly rub it in circles. It will leave you feeling squeaky clean after a good shower.

Rinse Your Body Well

We all love the lather, but you’ve got to rinse it off as well. If you’re looking to feel fresh and rejuvenated, a cool shower is all you need. Take a warm water bath for ultimate relaxation, but do rinse well.

Wash Your Loofah Clean After Every Use

Just as you clean your make-up brushes, your loofah needs to be kept clean as well. All it needs a quick rinse before every use. Though they look good even after daily usage, loofahs wear out easily. We recommend a 3 week period of daily usage to replace your loofah.

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