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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Loofah

Taarini NB | 16 September 2015

Investing in good quality soaps/body washes and shampoos + conditioners is always a good thing but your bathing regime is most definitely incomplete without including a loofah in it. Using a loofah has a number of benefits. Here are 6 advantages of welcoming this essential bathing accessory into your bath routine.

Effective Cleaning

Your skin has to deal with a lot of unpleasant and clingy guests like sweat, bacteria/germs and polluted dirt particles on a daily basis. Using soap or bodywash with just your palms does not help in cleansing your skin inside out. A loofah’s net-like structure take care of all the dirt and grime when rubbed all over, leaving you with refreshingly clean skin.

Deep Exfoliating

Prominently exposed parts of your body like your elbows and knees need an extra bit of exfoliating as compared to the rest of your body. A loofah helps get rid of all the dead cells that cause your skin to look darker than usual, especially in these areas. Sensitive skin? Fret not! A loofah is soft and gentle on your skin while providing the necessary exfoliation.

Skin Softening

Who doesn’t love soft, desirable skin – the kind we were maybe born with… right? A loofah that’s rubbed gently but effectively cleanses your skin’s pores and gets rid of all dry and dead skin cells, revealing its glow and making it feel as soft as it could get!

Effective Therapy

A good massage with a loofah is bound to release stress and anxiety. It relaxes your nerves, and leaves you feeling calm and rested. The circular motion by which you gently scrub your skin helps improve overall blood circulation. It also energizes your body so that you’re fresh for that early morning lecture or meeting!

Wholesome Lathering

A loofah is usually the reason for a whole lot of lathering with minimal soap/bodywash. Without a loofah, excessive usage of soap or body wash with little cleaning or lathering is inevitable. Invest in a good loofah for the right amount of lather, wholesome cleansing and save a few bucks in the bargain.

Easy & Light For Travelling

It’s a convenient bathing accessory that does its job well. It’s small and soft, so you can carry it easily in your travel pouch without worrying about extra baggage weight. Who wants to use those inexpensive loofahs that hotels provide?

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