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Scent Diary: A Day With LUX Magical Spell

Taarini NB | 16 September 2015

Image credit: Getty Images

Have you ever wondered how the perfume of a liquid body wash can change from hour to hour? A LUX lady bathed with LUX Magical Spell – a body wash with an intoxicating fragrance that lasts upto eight hours – and tracked how its bold scent evolved over the course of a busy workday. Here are her observations.

8am: Morning Shower

I’m not a morning person and have always been curious about people who can leap out of bed fresh as a daisy. My morning shower is extremely precious to me and I tend to stretch it out longer than necessary. It is my very own “me” time before braving the world. I recently switched from a soap bar to a liquid body wash and it has made a huge difference to my mood. Lathering up with the luxurious body wash of LUX Magical Spell, the intense floral scent makes me feel enchanted and more confident to take on the day.

8.30am: First Impressions

As with any perfume, the scent of LUX Magical Spell Body Wash is strongest in the first seconds of its usage. The perfume is strong in a good way, as if I sprayed a body mist of exotic flowers on myself. To my nose, it’s hard to discern the exact notes of this mysterious scent. There is this powerful fragrance of Black Orchids, but I also sense creamy notes of vanilla and a hint of berries that give it a warm sweetness without being too cloying.

9.30am: At The Office

I bump into a colleague in the elevator and she asks me what scent I’m wearing. I am secretly amazed by the attention. I have a small collection of perfumes, but on busy days like these, I often forget to put one on before leaving for work. Thankfully, bathing with a beautifully perfumed body wash like LUX Magical Spell makes me confident. I let her in on my little indulgent yet time saving trick. She quips that she will try it soon. “You won’t regret it,” I say.

1pm: Mid-Day Scent Check

I step out of the office to grab a sandwich at my favourite café and do a quick scent-check. It has been a few hours since my shower and the perfume has naturally dissipated a little. The lightest top notes are faintly noticeable, but the gorgeous bouquet of the Black Orchids is still present. The scent smells like it has become “one” with my skin – I smell like me, but prettier.

5pm: Five Meetings Later

It has been a particularly busy day with several meetings and a big presentation. Normally, I would feel drained of energy by now, but I am feeling absolutely great. That is the beauty of a perfumed body wash. It gave me that little spark and made me feel like a million bucks. LUX Magical Spell has truly worked its magic today.

6pm: Final scent check

I meet the boyfriend at this brand new restaurant that we have been dying to try out. By now, LUX Magical Spell has, I think, almost disappeared completely. Understandable, since it has been 10 hours since my morning shower. Then again, has it? The boy greets me with a hug and a kiss. Then he says, “There is something different about you today. You smell all kinds of amazing.” I want to say, that is the smell of confidence, but I can only smile... ;)

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