How the sense smell affects your thoughts and emot



The invisible power of fragrance

Taarini NB | 5 July 2016

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We use perfume to smell good, but did you know that fragrances have powerful benefits that go beyond skin deep?

If you have ever smelled a rose and tried to describe its fragrance, you would probably describe it as sweet, alluring and beautiful. And in that moment, you might feel momentarily transformed. It is as if one of nature’s most celebrated flowers has transferred its delicate and exquisite beauty over to you.

This is the power of scent, and it is scientifically proven that fragrances can make us feel positively different. Our sense of smell is tied to the limbic system – the emotional centre of our brain – and it can translate the simplest of scents into complex thoughts or feelings.

For example, studies have shown that the scent of jasmine can make you feel more confident and empowered. Bathe with new LUX Velvet Touch and its jasmine fragrance in the morning, and you might find yourself subconsciously feeling more poised and determined to take on the day’s challenges.

Similarly, the smell of rose is not only naturally uplifting, but has been shown to improve memory. Its illustrious status as a symbol of beauty and femininity also translates into powerful scent associations. Little wonder that this sacred flower has remained a perfumers’ favourite. It remains the star in new LUX Soft Touch and the fragrances of international luxury brands.

Of course, your choice of perfume is not the sole factor that controls the outcome of your day or destiny, but it can ignite a deeper transformation from an act as simple as taking a morning bath.

New LUX introduces breakthrough Floral Fusion Oil, so now you can bathe in perfume every day. Crafted with superior fragrance, new LUX Soft Touch and Velvet Touch is the perfect way to unlock the power of your extraordinary potential.

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