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How to display perfume like a pro

House of LUX HQ | 7 September 2016

Image: Stylizimo

With the right accessories, your precious perfume bottles can make stylish additions to your décor.

If you’re a perfume addict, chances are you’ve got a few bottles strewn about in your home. It’s OK, we get it: it’s easy to get lost in the sea of scents and fragrances. But you may be missing out on the opportunity to display your beloved scents. Your perfumes don’t only smell great, they also come in beautiful little bottles. So beautiful, in fact, that some can be considered works of art and it would be a pity not to show them off. So here are five ways you can display your prized perfumes like a pro.

A silver tray

It’s time to pay grandma a visit and rummage through her kitchen cabinets for her antique silver tray – the kind she used to bring out during teatime. You could even find this versatile item at a vintage or flea market. A silver tray, placed on your vanity table, will make your perfume bottles look chic.

Image: @inspire_beautie

Pastry stands

Tea cake stands are perfect for displaying bottles. Depending on your collection—from flirty to sexy —there’s a wide range of tea cake and pastry stands that are worthy of your bottles. If you have mostly sexy-looking bottles, go for a mirrored or metallic stand. If you find you have mostly fun, flirtatious bottles, a marble one in fun, pastel shades would be a great fit.

An antique laboratory dome/boiler

This is perfect if you have bottles that resemble those of an apothecary’s! Give those bottles that vintage apothecary feel by displaying them under a dome. Can’t get your hands on a laboratory dome? Fret not; get yourself a glass cake display dome instead.

Image: Jinna Yang/Daily Makeover

Pretty shelves

Placing your perfume bottles on shelves means there’s plenty of space leftover for other items (or even more perfume bottles!). You can purchase a build-it-yourself shelf at the hardware store or score a pretty one at an antiques shop. Either way, placing your bottles on a shelf gives them their own home away from the clutter on your vanity desk. Besides, with most perfume bottles being made of glass, having them out of the way saves you the trouble of worrying about knocking them over.

A flat mirror

If all else fails, you could use a mirror to display your perfumes. Simply arrange them on a thin length of mirror and place it on your vanity table or a shelf. The reflection will produce the effect of multiple bottles, an illusion you’re sure to appreciate. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how versatile an everyday commodity like a mirror can be.

Given that it is low maintenance, you could even use a mirror to display your perfumed body washes in the bathroom! A flat mirror used as a tray instantly adds class to your otherwise dull bathroom. It’s the best way to show off your perfumed body washes, such as the LUX Magical Spell. Crafted with the exotic Black Orchids, it gives you a voluptuous fragrance that lasts up to eight hours.

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